Rouge Canada Red Light Therapy Blog

  • At last, Red Light Therapy for Menstrual Relief

    This one is for the ladies. Next time that Aunt Flo makes her monthly visit and the dreading feeling of staying in bed all day creeps up once again, don’t despair - we have the solution to help comfort you. Red Light Therapy can offer an alternative to medication to soothe PMS and discomfort. 
  • Hit the ground running with Red Light Therapy


    Ready, set, and go! Rouge is your best bet to combat running related injuries. Rouge is the most effective device to get back to your running routine post running related setback. Here we outline all the benefits to using Rouge to add to your running routine. 


  • Photobiomodulation: A Primer to The Biology and Chemistry of Red Light Therapy

    Photobiomodulation sounds complex, however, when you break it down it’s really quite simple - photo refers to light, bio meaning life, and modulation refers to change. Photobiomodulation is the use of light to bring about a change in life. In this article, Lori breaks down the process and biology behind red light therapy.