Rouge Canada Red Light Therapy Blog

  • At last, Red Light Therapy for Menstrual Relief

    This one is for the ladies. Next time that Aunt Flo makes her monthly visit and the dreading feeling of staying in bed all day creeps up once again, don’t despair - we have the solution to help comfort you. Red Light Therapy can offer an alternative to medication to soothe PMS and discomfort. 
  • Hit the ground running with Red Light Therapy


    Ready, set, and go! Rouge is your best bet to combat running related injuries. Rouge is the most effective device to get back to your running routine post running related setback. Here we outline all the benefits to using Rouge to add to your running routine. 


  • Red Light Therapy for Pain: The Safe and Effective Solution for All Kinds of Aches

    Pain can range from mildly annoying to completely debilitating. And given what we now know about the dangers of prescription pain meds, people are looking for alternative ways to treat pain. Red light therapy may be the solution. Why? Because it's safe, natural, and effective. Read on to learn about how you can eliminate pain and improve your quality of life with red light therapy.
  • Red Light Therapy for Teeth and Gums: Your Key to Better Oral Health?

    Could red light therapy be the key to good oral health - and a great smile? Let's take a look at how this groundbreaking treatment could change dentistry for the better - and just how easy it is to add to your oral hygiene routine.
  • How Does Red Light Therapy Help People with Arthritis?

    Red light and near-infrared have actually been used in the clinical treatment of arthritis since the late 1980s. There have been hundreds of clinical studies looking to determine the parameters of effectiveness. With over 40 years of research, enough scientific data has been collected to recommend it for all arthritis sufferers no matter the cause or severity.