New Product Alert! Introducing the Rouge X Targeted Red Light Therapy Device

If you’re familiar with Rouge, you know that we’re dedicated to providing superior red light therapy equipment for all types of issues and budgets. In fact, our line of devices is one of the most wide-ranging on the market, from full-body panels for maximum coverage to portable devices for easy treatment of smaller areas. While they differ in size, the design, featuring a varying number or LEDs in the red and near-infrared range, has been similar across the board—until now. The Rouge X Targeted Red Light Therapy Device consists of a single bulb for targeted treatment. So how is it different from our more traditional panels? And who stands to benefit most from this device? Let’s take a look.

What Are the Benefits of the Rouge X Targeted Device Compared to Panels?

The answer is in the name: the Rouge X Targeted Red Light Therapy Device provides a more targeted treatment than most panels. How does it do this? It’s basic physics. All light bulbs emit light at an angle. Incandescents and fluorescents, for instance, effuse light at 360 degrees (which is why you should be wary of red light therapy devices that use fluorescent bulbs—given that the light is shining in all directions, there is not enough penetrating your skin to be effective). LEDs, on the other hand, emit light at a narrower angle, which can be adjusted depending on your lighting needs. Rouge uses LEDs that have a 30 degree beam angle. This means that they’re able to deliver 100mW/cm2 of light when positioned 6 inches from the skin’s surface, which is in the ideal range for effective red light therapy according to experts. 

Many of our competitors, by comparison, use LEDs with double or even triple the beam angle, meaning that you have to position your device closer to your skin to get the same 100mW/cm2, thereby reducing the size of the surface area you’re able to treat—this is just one of the many reasons Rouge devices are arguably the most powerful and effective on the market (for more info, check out this article comparing Rouge to some of the better-known brands out there).

You might think the Rouge X is more comparable to a laser device, which delivers light in a pin-point fashion (meaning the surface area treated is minuscule). This isn’t the case. The size of the bulb combined with the 30 degree beam angle of the Rouge X gives it a surprisingly large coverage area. In fact, positioning the device 6 inches away from your skin allows you to treat an area of 1 square foot at 124mW/cm2, a slightly higher concentration of light than the panels.

Larger panels are great for treating the following: 

  • Fibromyalgia 
  • Pain or inflammation affecting a large area, such as non-specific back pain, fibromyalgia, or rheumatoid arthritis
  • Athletic performance and muscle gain
  • Weight loss
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Cognitive health
  • Hair growth
  • Immune health
  • Oral health
  • Eye health
  • Wound and scar healing

The Rouge X is somewhere between the Rouge Tabletop and the Nano in terms of coverage, and is most useful for the following:

  • Speeding up the healing of wounds and broken bones 
  • Easing pain after surgery
  • Reducing the appearance of scars 
  • Reducing pain and inflammation in small areas (such as arthritis in smaller joints or carpal tunnel)
  • Oral health
  • Skin issues affecting the face or other smaller areas
  • Facial and targeted skin rejuvenation
  • Hair growth
  • Eye health
  • Cognitive issues
  • Sleep disturbances

Why the Rouge X Might be Right for You

While it’s similar in effectiveness and area of coverage as some of Rouge’s smaller panels, it’s simply designed in a way that some users may find more convenient, comfortable, or compatible with any mobility issues they might have. 

It comes equipped with a stand that you can easily wheel in and out of sight. The adjustable stand also allows you to change the height and angle of the device with minimal effort. This means you can treat issues from your head to your toes without having to lift your device to reposition it or reposition yourself to accommodate your panel. 

A Great Choice for Clinics and Health Practitioners

The Rouge X is the ideal addition to clinics offering services in physiotherapy, dermatology, acupuncture, dentistry and orthodontics, surgery, and many more. It can be just as easily positioned over the dentist’s chair as the massage table or office chair, and you can easily wheel it from one patient or client to another. Not only is this convenient for the person administering the treatment, it can provide a more comfortable and expedited experience for the recipient.

Ultimately, the Choice is Yours

It all comes down to your needs and how you’d like to tailor your treatment. To explore your options further, check out Rouge’s growing family of red light therapy devices today!

Looking for more info on red light therapy, as well as tips and tricks to get the most out of your treatment? You can find all that and more on our blog. 


  • I am curious if I can do more than one area in the same session.
    My issues are a sore shoulder that had surgery on ( still hurts at times and surgery was two years go)
    My knees are bad. And supposed to be getting surgery but with Covid, surgeries are being cancelled.

    Rouge Canada replied:
    Hi Terry! Sorry to hear about your sore shoulder and bad knees. The Rouge X is designed for targeted treatment for one area at a time, if you are interested to target both knees at the same time, I would suggest a wider panel. The Tabletop, Essential or Pro panel can target both knees and shoulder at two different treatment times. Treatment time is approximately 15-20 minutes. With that said, you would have to target one area at a time. Hope this helps!


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  • I would like more in depth info on your devices science based. How it works and why it works.

    Frank Fulop

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